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Border Collies

In 1985 we got our first registered Border Collie bitch, Meg. Both her parents were imported from Scotland with excellent herding backgrounds. Meg was a good sheep dog and lived to the age of 14.
Since then we have had a litter nearly ever year and our current bitchof breeding age, Elphin Tags, is 5th generation. At one point we had 4 dogs, a vastly excessive number when they all try to herd everything. Needless to say our horses are dog-proof!
Puppies are usually available for sale in summer or autumn and are all registered with the American Border Collie Association.

Some more recent photos...

Left: Elphin Tags.

Above: Some of Tags' 2005 puppies

Left: Tags, January 2005. Right: Kip, January 2005, herding snowflakes?

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