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Elphin Tags

Tags is a purebred registered Border Collie bitch by Stone Ridge Laddie out of Barden's Kit (Lad of Kiwanda x Elphin Fen). She is the 5th generation of Border Collies at Elphin Mountain Farm, all of which have been used to herd sheep or cattle (and horses when the people aren't looking!).

Tags napping, 2003.

Tags is a patterned white collie with a split face marking, making her a striking individual. She was named 'tags' because the white tips on her ears looked like ear tags to her initial owners. We've since tried to change it, but it seems to have stuck for better or worse! Tags was a rescue case, she was sold as an obedience and agility dog, but this was not to be. She returned from city life and has happily readjusted to living on the farm.

Some of Tags' pups, autumn 2004.

Tags had her first litter of pups in September 2004, and with 8 pups, it was the largest litter we've ever had. One bitch even travelled by plane to Nova Scotia where she will work stock, be a trial dog and eventually a breeding bitch.

January 2005.

Tags had her second litter of pups on Easter weekend, 2006. Of course she inconveniently decided to have them under the house so a long saga of digging up semi-frozen soil and cutting holes in the porch floorboards ensued to resue her and her pups.

Puppy rescue in action!

Eventually she was found and relocated with her new family to the warmth of the whelping box under the kitchen table. Tags had 7 pups, 3 bitches and 4 dogs.

Tags and her hungry children!

Tags' 2006 puppies

Since Tags nicks so well with Cash, we hope to continue breeding this cross with litters in future years.

Tag's mother, Kip, January 2005 - herding snowflakes?

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