*Scottsway Lullaby

1995 Seal Brown, 13.2 hh - CCPS Premium Mare

Recipient of the 2015 Canadian Connemara Pony Society Foundation Broodmare Award

Abby's sire K. Tam O'Shanter aged 10

Abby's dam, Hobban's Lark with full brother to Abby

Abby as a foal
Abby was imported from England in 1997, and in typical Connemara fashion, handled the 5 hour flight and 3 hour truck ride home from the airport with out batting an eyelid! She was started under saddle in 1998 and is green broken, however her training has been interrupted by her many gorgeous foals. Abby's 2000 colt, Elphin Song Sparrow, stood at stud at Elk Creek Farm in Michigan for several years before being gelded.

As a reliable a producer as you could possible dream for, Abby is an absolute goldmine of a broodmare who has 'nicked' perfectly with Mick. Year after year she produces true-to-type, sane, solid foals that are highly sought after. Her offspring are spread across North America from Nova Scotia on the east coast to California on the west. They are busy being evented, doing dressage, going foxhunting, and contributing to breeding programs.

Abby age 17 with her 2012 filly Elphin Kittiwake.

We love having Abby around the farm. She's easy to look after, in fact sometimes a little too easy as she does love her food! She fosters independance in her foals, along with a bomb-proof, can-do attitude. Her babies are always the easiest to wean and can look after themselves.

  L: Grazing, summer 2003            R: Abby with filly Lullaby of Birdland

Abby is very well bred, carrying 3 of the only 15 Super Premium Stallion lines. Her daughters, many of whom are inspected and approved, are contributing to Connemara breeding programs all over Canada and the US. Abby's love of being a mother is only surpassed by her love of eating, a full-time occupation as far as she is concerned!

Abby under saddle, November 2000

In 2009 Abby was inspected by a team of Irish, American and Canadian Inspectors and received the Canadian Connemara Pony Society's first Premium Mare Award. We are very proud of her - she truly is a little blue hen mare who has produced some wonderful foals, all with her fantastic attitude and movement. We hope she continues to have many more of her lovely babies!
Premium and Super Premium English mares and stallions in Abby's pedigree:
Sire: Kirtling Tam O'Shanter ~ Premium Stallion
Paternal grandsire: Kirtling Brigadoon ~ Super Premium Stallion
Paternal g.grandsire: Leam Bobby Finn ~ Super Premium Stallion
Paternal g.granddam: Leam Dooneen ~ Super Premium Mare
Paternal g.g.granddam: Gentle Breeze of Millfields ~ Super Premium Mare
Maternal grandsire: Hobban's Puffin ~ Premium Stallion
Maternal g.grandsire: Wisbridge Erinmore ~ Super Premium Stallion
Maternal g.granddam: Ballintemple Gold Flake ~ Premium Mare
      Lost in thought, spring 2005
Some of Abby's foals all grown up! L: Chickadee in NC 2008. C: Birdsong in Ontario, 2008. R: Sparrow in MI, 2007.
Below: Lullaby of Birdland in Nova Scotia, 2011. Kookaburra in New Hampshire, 2012.

Abby's Foals:

Elphin Birdsong: 1999 filly
Elphin Song Sparrow: 2000 gelding
Elphin Chickadee: 2001 filly
Elphin Lullaby of Birdland: 2002 filly
Elphin Skylark: 2004 gelding
Elphin Kookaburra: 2005 filly
Elphin Jenny Wren: 2006 filly
Elphin Scarlet Tanager: 2008 filly (retained)
Elphin Whippoorwill: 2009 gelding

Elphin Sandpiper: 2011 filly
Elphin Kittiwake: 2012 filly
Elphin Capercaillie: 2013 filly
Elphin Whiskeyjack: 2014 colt

Abby and Kookaburra

Above: Peas in a pod! L-R: Chickadee, Ellie, Sky, Kookie, Jenny and Tansy.
Below: The 2 next peas, Pippa and Kitti

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