Aluinn dé Haoine

1987 Black Bay, 14.1 hh - ACPS Inspected

Dee's sire Balius Brannigan

Dee's dam Oak Hills Gold Friday

A 23-year-old Dee playing in the snow, Christmas Day, 2009

Dee shares her duties between being a riding pony and a broodmare extroardinaire. Dee's claim to fame is the painting of her as a foal which graced the back cover of the ACPS magazine for many years. She was Pony Clubbed for several years, participating in Regional level dressage, jumper and a musical ride.

On the flat, 2000                                                Over fences, 1994

Dee also loves to be a mum, and when she doesn't have a foal at foot she babysits everyone else's!

More Christmas fun 2009

Premium and Super Premium English mares and stallions in Dee's pedigree:
Paternal g.grandsire: Corrib ~ Premium Stallion
Paternal g.grandsire: Cocum Hawkstone ~ Premium Stallion
Paternal g.g.grandsire: Island Duke ~ Premium Stallion
Paternal g.g.grandsire: Leam Bobby Finn ~ Super Premium Stallion
Paternal g.granddam: Chiltern Gazelle ~ Super Premium Mare
Paternal g.g.granddam: Arctic Moon ~ Super Premium Mare

Painting of Dee as a foal from the ACPS magazine back cover

Dee in 1996 with her filly April and a yearling Atlantic Promise

Some of Dee's foals all grown up! L-R: Finola in Alberta, 2006; April in Ohio, 2000; Lorcan in Alberta, 2003; Turlough in Ontario, 2008.

Dee's Foals:
Elphin Finola: 1993 filly
Elphin April Showers: 1996 filly
Elphin Lorcan: 1998 stallion
Elphin Turlough: 2001 gelding
Elphin Windy Friday: 2002 filly (dec)
Elphin Mayflower: 2003 filly
Elphin O'Keefe: 2005 gelding
Elphin Michaelmas Daisy: 2006 filly

Dee in 2009, with her "baby", yearling Tansy (Mick x Abby)

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