Photo Gallery 2

[2] Horses ~
[1] Mick ~ [3] Landscape

A row of bay Connemaras: Pippa, Dee, Rowan, Niall (1/4bred), Glas and in foreground Mal and Rosie; May 2012.

Playing: Tuuli and Daisy with Mal and Rosie, summer 2012.

Not Connemaras! Clydesdale borders Randy (dark bay) and Bob (bright bay) at the farm, winter 2008.

3 fillies: Galaxy, Annie and May, Aug 2005.

The twins! Annie and PS ages 2 & 4, Conn/TBs.

Ceb, Kirsten and Millie, August 2005.

You've heard of The Incredibles? Well, now it's time to meet The Enormouses! Dee and Abby prior to foaling, April 2005.

Amharach and Skylark, fall 2004.

Windy, Wheatie, Galaxy and Millie with Amhran

Mares, foals and weanlings, summer 2004

Millie, Windy, Galaxy and Dee, summer 2003

PS, Turlough and Callisto, summer 2004

Synchronized grazing: Ceb, Callisto, PS and Celtie, summer 2004.

Nap time, April 2002!

Spring sunset, 2002

Girls' slumber party! Ellie, Galaxy, Windy & Wheatie, summer 2002

Herd in a snowstorm, February 2001

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