Elphin Alumni

Elphin Whiskeyjack

Breed: Connemara
DOB: 6/5/2014
Size: Finish 14hh
Colour: Dark bay

Jack at 3.5 months old, Aug 2014

Congratulations to Connie Dyck, Boissevan MB, on her purchase of Elphin Whiskeyjack. Jack arrived at his new home in June 2015.

Jack at Elphin Mountain Farm just before leaving in June 2015.

Cantering past en route to a new home!

Jack, August 2014. It was a hot day, poor Jack thinks trotting for the camera is hard work!

In July Heather took some photos of Jack and said he's so friendly it was hard to get far enough away to take the pictures! He's shedding out to a rich dark bay. Jack can be led around the yard, picks up all his feet and is generally learning good manners.

Jack at 2 months

Jack at 11 days old

Jack is a sweet and friendly foal with an unflappable temperament and a kind soul. He loves to play and although he's an 'only foal' this year, he makes do with his ancient Auntie Dee (Aluinn de Haoine) who at 28 is a bit boring for an adventurous young man! Jack is a solid citizen in both mind and body, with athletic movement and a strong presence about him.


Above & below: Jack, 11 days old.

Whiskeyjack is for sale as a stallion prospect as we would really like to see a colt from the Mick/Abby cross continue on this bloodline, which has knicked so fantastically well.

3 weeks old - left: with Auntie Dee, right: hamming it up for the camera.

Jack playing outside for the first time at 5 days old.

L: Jack at 1 day old investigates humans! R: Abby and Jack outside for the first time.

Some of Jack's full siblings:
Above: Chickadee in NC, 2012. Birdsong in Ontario, 2008. Sparrow in MI, 2007.
Below: Lullaby of Birdland in Nova Scotia, 2011. Kookaburra in New Hampshire, 2012.

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