Elphin Alumni

Elphin Juniper

Breed: Connemara
Size: Finish 14hh
Colour: Bay

Juniper Oct 2012


Juniper with his sister Rowan, May 2014

Juniper is a sweetheart, he adores being scratched and cuddled. He has his dam's easy-going attitude to life. Clio has a great international pedigree from Australia and Ireland and it's chock-full of performance ponies.

Juniper with dam Clio age 3 weeks.

At 1 week of age.

Juniper has the looks and movement to make an eye-catching pony dressage or hunter mount. He's a month younger than his peers but he's making strides to catch up with them!

Juniper 1 week old.

Some of Juniper's siblings:
L: Maternal half sister Balmulo's Uproar by
C.R. Roaringwater Bay. R: full sister Elphin Rowan.

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