Elphin Alumni

Elphin Tuuli

Breed: Connemara
DOB: 27/4/2012
Size: Finish 14hh
Colour: Dark bay turning grey

Tuuli playing with a rather nervous barn cat, Oct 2012

Tuuli, May 2014

Tuuli at 6 weeks old.

Tuuli is an exciting cross for us as he is the first foal for both his sire, Henkka, and dam, Daisy. Henkka came to Canada from Finland in 2010 and is a mixture of English and Irish breeding with a pedigree full of great performance ponies.

L: Tuuli and his 3/4 brother Malachite with Tuuli's dam Daisy. R: Tuuli & Mal with dams Daisy and Rosie.

Daisy is a homebred mare from some classic American lines; she has a full brother who is a successful stallion in western Canada and several other sibilings who are riding ponies or broodmares.

Tuuli at 3 weeks old, May 2012

Tuuli with his 3/4 brother Malachite

Tuuli is pretty relaxed about life, he's happy to cooperate with other horses and humans too.

Tuuli 3 weeks and 1 month old

Tuuli means ‘wind’ in Finnish and seeing as Henkka’s from Finland and his real name Gaoithe means ‘wind’ in Gaelic, it seemed a fitting name for his first foal. Henkka's breeder's name is Tuula which is the female version of this name.

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