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Elphin Camas

Elphin Camas is a 1997 grey (born chestnut) gelding, the last foal of Oak Hill's Gold Friday. Camas was so named for two reasons: in Gaelic the word camas means "crooked", which seemed appropriate as he had a ziz-zag blaze on his forehead; and after his grandsire, Camus John's Gladiator, and great grandsire, Camus John.

Cam was sold as a weanling to Jane Donoghue of Eganville (near Renfrew) Ontario. He was expected to stay pony size so Jane's daughter Katie would have a large pony hunter, however Cam has grown to 15 hh! We think they fed him a little too well!

Katie and Cam are currently competing successfully at Basic level dressage.

Camas, 2001

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