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Elphin Chickadee

Elphin Chickadee is Mick and *Scottsway Lullaby's third foal. She is a bright bay with two little white socks and a star. In keeping with the bird theme of Abby's foals, Chickadee is named after Parus atricapillus, the Black-capped Chickadee common in Eastern Ontario. She certainly resembles her name sake in personality: outgoing, curious and lively! She is owned by Sue Holland, Hollymead Farm, NC.

Elphin Chickadee and her rider Aubrie enjoy some new cross country fences at Sigmon Farm Park in Newton, North Carolina, Sept 2014.
Photos courtesy Sue Holland.

Elphin Chickadee attended the Region III Connemara Show, July 26 2014, with her owner's (Sue Holland) granddaughter Aubrie. Aubrie didn't know she would be able to attend the show until the last minute and hadn't ridden but once in the last month. Chickadee was very happy to be back to work!

Above & below: Aubrie and Chick at the 2014 Reg 3 Show. Photo credit to Anaëlle Raze.

L: Chickadee with the rest of the Hollymead Farm Connemaras (and Belle the Irish Draft). R: Anna jumping with Chickadee.
Photo credit to High Time Photography

In September of 2012 Chickadee enjoyed a day out at the Yadkin Valley Hounds hunting clinic. Her owner Sue Holland also hunted her in 2011 saying that I thought I would be too large for a 13:3 hand pony but Chick has no problem carrying me. Chick is a fun riding pony that everyone enjoys...we were on the winning team of the last timed ride held at the Yadkin Valley Hounds kennels.

Chickadee out hunting with owner Sue Holland

Above: Chickadee and rider Sophie Andersen, May 2010.

Above & Below: Chickadee and Sophie at the ACPS Region V show, June 2010.

Above & below: Chickadee being ridden by Sue's Danish exchange student Sophie Andersen in 2009 and 2010

Hollymead farms aquired a Connemara stallion Loughrea's Seamus (Greystone Adirondack A'Herne x Loughrea's Lioch x Chiltern Colm) in the autumn of 2009. Below is Chickade giving the young man a run for his money!

As well as being an excellent broodmare, Chickadee is ridden and enjoyed by Sue's grandchildren Aubrie and Culver. Sue says of Chickadee:
"I adore Chick. She is so affectionate and loves being rubbed and scratched. I could spend all day with her and the filly."

L: Striding out; C and R: Chickadee and her young rider Aubrie.

Vanessa Morgan of Foothills Farm Connemaras bought Chickadee in March 2006 and owned her for 2 years. During this time she was leased to Balmullo Farm and had the filly Balmullo's Dixie Chick (*Gunsmoke).

Chickadee in Tennessee!

Chickadee was owned by Rai Pullin of Castlewood Farm from 2001 to 2006. Rai said of her pony: "She is an outstanding filly with great bloodlines and I am proud to have her."

L: Chickadee with Rai after ariving in Georgia.
C: Caraway Charlotte (Mick x *Wensum Plum), Wildwych Clio and Elphin Chickadee at Castlewood Farm April 2003.
R: Chick under saddle 2004.

Spring 2003 update from Rai:
"I have been dying to brag to you about how good Chickadee looks but knew that you would want to see some pics. I finally got a few good ones today (with Kim Lander's help) and so I am sending them on to you. Chickadee really has the whole package and I am so proud of her. Not only does she have the breeding and confirmation but she is also such an athlete. I hope to get an early foal or two from her and then I think I will have to ride her for a few years. She is just too nice to be only a broodmare."

At the age of 9 months Chickadee took a trip from the snowy north down to Georgia. Her transportation arrived in the form of an 11 horse tractor trailer in the middle of a snow storm! Like any sensible Connemara she followed a bucket of food aboard and arrived in Hampton, GA, several days later.

Above: Chickadee age 4 months. Below: Chickadee age 1 month.

Chickadee's Foals:
Balmullo's Dixie Chick: 2007 filly by *Gunsmoke
Hollymead's Blue Jay: 2008 gelding by *Gunsmoke
Hollymead's Meadow Lark: 2009 filly by Grey Haven Collin O'Patrick

Chickadee was leased to Donna Duckworth, Balmullo Farm, FL, and bred to *Gunsmoke for a 2007 foal.

The result was Balmullo's Dixie Chick, a dun filly, left & below.

L Dixie Chick in 2010, and R: 2009

L & Centre: Dixie Chick, spring 2011. R: Dixie fall 2011.

In 2008 Chickadee arrived at Sue Holland's Hollymead Farm in North Carolina and had an April colt by *Gunsmoke.

Chickadee and new friend Gately's Red Robin, spring 2008.

Chickadee's second foal is Hollymead Blue Jay, who found a new home in Texas in April 2009.

Chickadee and Hollymead Blue Jay

Chickadee's 2009 filly is Hollymead Meadow Lark, pictured below.

Chickadee and Hollymead Meadow Lark

Above: Lark at 18 months old.

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