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Elphin Drumcarrick

Elphin Drumcarrick is a 14.1 grey (born dun) gelding, he is the second of Mick and Friday's foals.

Drum's current owner, Lorelle Carpenter, wrote us a message on Facebook in January 2015:
"We just found out that our beloved little Connemara gelding came from Elphin Mountain Connemaras - and that his real name was "Drum"... or Elphin Drummcarrick. We saw his baby picture on your main website and were amazed to find that our little grey pony was a dun baby! We wanted you to know he has a great home in New Hampshire...osted is a pic of him a couple of years ago when he first came to live with us."

Drum's owners made contact with us in 2009 and he is known as Mickey and lives with the Robbins family in Brookline, New Hampshire. He will do some hunter with the Robbins' eldest daughter.

Drum with Kelly and Brooke Robbins, Christmas 2009

Drum was sold to Lisa Karendanis of Wild Acres Farm, Wisconsin, and was kept as a stallion for several years, but was subsequently gelded.

Drum in Wisconsin, aged 5

Drum was born outdoors high up on a rocky hillside, giving him his name, which in Gaelic means rocky hill. As a youngster, he had the independent mind of his mother, and the presence of his dad.

Drum as a 2 year old at Elphin Mountain Farm

Drum with dam Friday, 1993

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