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Elphin Kookaburra
ACPS Premium Mare

2012 ACPS Region 1 Show Champion Mare in Hand

Elphin Kookaburra, foaled 2005, is Abby's sixth foal by Mick and was named after the largest member of the kingfisher family of birds - a native of Australia. Kookaburra is currently owned by Sally Oxnard, Paradox Connemaras in NH. Sally says she has a big stride, wonderful self carriage, and an easy-going manner.

Sally and Kookaburra at the 2012 ACPS Region 1 Field Day

In 2015 Sally wrote that Kookaburra is "now a premium mare in the ACPS, competing at first level dressage this year and working on her changes and her trot lengthenings. Such an eager worker and a great motor."

Sally and Kookaburra, 2015

In 2014 Kookaburra has had a season of dressage work at home and made it to three shows - one recognized show at UNH and two schooling shows incuding the CVDA show that was the dressage component of the Region 1 Connemara show. Sally and Kookaburra broke into the ranks of the First Level competiton and received some 8's.

Sally and Kookaburra in 2014

Elphin Kookaburra had a very good summer in 2013. She arrived at the Region 1 show at GMHA early so she and Carolyn McEvitt could do the trail ride with Tower Hill's Breeze and Sarah Chisholm. 5 miles of up hill and down, rocky footing, galloping in the fields on the hills, and they came home with the best time for the team. She loved it!

Kookaburra, summer 2013

Then she placed well in both of her dressage classes and her first hunter over fences class ever with Lainie Metz in the saddle, and received her ACPS Premium Mare certification.

Above: Kookaburra in her first hunter over fences class. Below: In a line class with Lynn Bergeron handling.

For August she came home for a month of dressage with Sally and placed very well in her training level 2 and 3 tests at two different schooling shows. She will continue in her dressage schooling this winter with plans for some recognized shows in 2014.

Elphin Kookaburra made her show debut in June 2012 at a New England Dressage Association Sport Pony in hand class at Windswept Farm where she behaved like an old pro and won her Connemara class with a 73.8% and nice comments on her beautiful and head and length of rein and shoulder and back.

L: Kookaburra winning Chamption Mare in Hand at the 2012 ACPS Reg 1 Show. R: At Windswept Farm Sport Pony in hand class.

In July she appeared at the Region 1 show where she won the younger mare class and was Champion Mare in Hand. She completed her first dressage test respectably and was much admired in general. Then she went to Kathy Bruce, a dressage trainer in Springfield VT for a month of dressage work. Now she is at 4.0 Farm in Stratham NH working on her dressage and shows real potential as a elegant mover and quick learner.

Chamption Mare in Hand with owner Sally Oxnard.

Kookaburra had a chestnut/grey filly with lots of white by Trout Ranch Malarkey (*Kingstown Joe X Tower Hill's Killaire) in the spring of 2011. She is owned by Linda Haines of Northfield NH. She has wonderful movement and impulsion, a cute Connemara face and a delightful, sweet personality.

Troutranch Whimsey, August 2012 © Nancy Gaffney.

Trout Ranch Whimsey (Trout Ranch Malarkey x Elphin Kookaburra) with her 13 year old rider/trainer Julia Latham at the ACPS Region 1 Show, Woodstock Vermont, July 19/20 2014
Photo © Catskill Creative Services

In the spring of 2010 Kookie was purchased by a group of Connemara enthusiasts from the New England area. Her new owners are Libby Birnie DVM and ACPS president and breeder Sally Oxnard (Paradox Connemaras).

Kookie with part owner Libby Birnie, June 2010

She is currently being leased and ridden by Linda Haines (Trout Ranch Connemaras, breeder of Libby's 4th level dressage mount Snickers). Kookie will be bred to Troutranch Malarkey (*Kingstown Joe x Tower Hill's Killaire). We wish everyone involved in the "Kookie syndicate" the best of luck with their new pony!

Kookie September 2010

Kookie was sold to an Irish family in Albany NY, where she was a riding pony for their daughter and joined a couple of RID mares in their breeding program. She departed for her new home in December 2007 in high style: the roads were a bit slippery and the truck couldn't make it up the big hill past our place so we flagged down a neighbour passing by in his tractor. He towed the whole rig (dually 3/4-ton pick-up truck and two-horse trailer containing pony!) up the hill. Kookie stood quietly in the trailer the whole time just munching her hay. That's why we breed Connemaras!


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