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Elphin Kyros

Kyros is a 14hh 1997 gelding out of Elphin Clara (Fjord/POA). He is an attractive "wild bay" colour, meaning that the points in his legs don't extend beyond his fetlocks. Ky also has interesting markings: a T shaped star and stripe; and 2 half socks, the inside half of his left front foot and the outside half of his left hind foot.

Ky age 4 months.

Ky is a sweet and willing pony who was quick to learn under saddle. He has a very sensible, friendly and inquisitive personality and likes being the centre of attention

Ky age 3 years

Unfortunately a pasture accident injured his sacroiliac region and even with a year of rest and chiropractic treatment, Ky did not come sound enough for regular work. He has found a home with a family near Renfrew (via his chiropractor!) and will be their pet.


Above: Ky age 5 years (Yes he really has legs, just blame the camera man!).

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