Elphin Alumni

Elphin Sassafras, 1997 - 2007

Elphin Sassafras is the second of Elphin Cassiopeia's (QH) foals by Mick. Sassie is a 1997 dark chestnut mare with 2 white socks.

Sassie age 3 months, and 3 years

In September of 2001 Sassie left for her new home with Bev Wannamaker of Ayr, Ontario, near Cambridge. Sassie handled the 5 hour trailer ride like an old pro, the only problem being that she didn't want to get off at the other end! In October I visited Sassie, now called Ellie, and helped Bev back her. Ellie was very well behaved and had no qualms about carrying a human around on her back. Bev reports Ellie is doing well with her training.

Sassie under saddle

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