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Elphin Sunday Surprise, 1992 - 2005

Elphin Sunday Surprise is the first of our Connemara/QH crosses. She is out of Triple Best Time, and is a half sister to our long-time QH broodmare Elphin Cassiopeia (Roll Windy Roll x Triple Best Time). Surprise was born two weeks early on Easter Sunday, 1992, about half an hour after Elphin Domnach Casja! Cosh's name means "Easter Sunday" in Gaelic, so Surprise continued our naming theme du jour! Surprise was born liver chestnut but is now dappled grey large pony.

Surprise, several days old.

Surprise was sold as a 3 year old and went to live at Huntleigh Equestrian Centre in Carp, Ontario. Here she was nicknamed Minnie-Mouse because she was so small compared to the barn's usual warmbloods! Minnie was used as a school pony and showed in hunter and dressage. Stories about Minnie's sense of humour abound: she climbed in a water trough one hot summer day and got stuck; while giving lunge lessons, and only when on the lunge line, she blew streams of bubbles out her mouth and swung the slobbers around to amuse herself! Minnie was eventually sold to Newfoundland and currently resides at Clovelly Riding Stables.

Allison Kenny from the stable writes: "She is loved very much...Minnie is the perfect little show horse. She was recently in the NEA show here in Newfoundland and she received first place in all her flat classes. She is still a great little jumper and has lots of spirit. She is very gentle towards people and kids. She is well looked after as everyone that comes to the barn immediately falls in love with her."

We're glad to hear Minnie's doing so well so far from her original home!

Surprise, rising 3, March 1995.

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