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Elphin Tullagh

Elphin Tullagh is the first of Elphin Clara's (Fjord/App) foals by Mick. Tullie is a 1995, 13.2 hh, bay roan mare. Tullagh means "a little hill" in Gaelic, and this she certainly was, always a chunky little thing. As a foal and yearling Tullie was known simply as Fuzzy due to her thick, plush-like foal and winter coats. 


We broke Tullie to ride and drive, and at age 3 she was purchased by the Dunklins of Terelisa Farm in North Augusta, Ontario. Mrs. Dunklin originally planed to drive Tullie, but students in her daughter Tess's riding school soon adopted her. Tullie was ridden and Pony Clubbed regularly by Tess's niece (and Mrs D's granddaughter) Jordan. 

L: Tullie and Jordan take some downtime during the Jen Hamilton Clinic at Night Heron Farm, May 2001.
R: Tullie and Jordan in action over fences.
c. Hunter Photography, 2001.

Tess says of Tullie: "Tullie is going pretty well. We had a dressage clinic on Sunday and Jordan had her on the bit. She looks so cute! And of course she can jump the moon! We played a little Chase-Me-Charlie last night and she jumped three feet easily. Jordan hopes to event her this year. We went to a hunter show recently and the judge wanted to know if she was for sale. She's come a long way and Jordan just loves her."

Mick and his daughter Elphin Tullagh at the Ottawa Spring Horse Trials, June 2001.

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