Exactly Midnight

(Elphin Lorcan x Shut The Trap, TB)

This email was received in August 2007 from Jenn Burgoyne of Saltspring Island, BC:
"I adopted a mare several months ago that was in foal. Elphin Lorcan is the sire. The little guy joined us at Midnight on July 30th. He was black but has now started to go a dark brown. I am trying to get him registered as an american sportpony and 1/2 Connemara. We have our inspection for the American Sportpony at the end of October. He is absolutely perfect - not a flaw with his confirmation - and his personality is amazing. We were planning on selling him from the day we adopted the mare, but he is too perfect. I'm a western pleasure rider and have started some English lessons just in the last week all because of this little colt - I'm debating about keeping him and showing him myself in the future. Not to sure if you were interested but thought I'd let you know how Mick's grandfoals were getting along way out here in BC"

The end-of-year update:
"I received a letter from the ASPR last Friday stating that Midnight was a winner in the 2007 Foal Futurity Contest and his photo was going to be published in the 2008 stallion breeding directory and on the ASPR website."

Here's the link to the American Sportpony Website where Exactly Midnight placed 3rd in the Canadian West Coast Futurity category.

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