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Caraway Charlotte

(Maplehurst Michael MacDaire x *Wensum Plum)

2008 ACPS Silver Medal in Hunter
2009 Overall High Point Connemara at ACPS Region V Show

2010 Overall High Point Connemara at ACPS Region V Show
11th 2010 USEF Pony Finals National Championships, Medium Green Pony Hunter division

Caraway Charlotte, or Lottie as she is known, was bred by Chris Carey of Caraway Connemaras, Athelstan, Quebec. Lottie was born dun but turned grey. She was named after Chris's aunt, who gave her Plum, Lottie's dam. Chris sold Lottie to Rai Pullin, Castlewood Farm, Hampton GA. Lottie joined her half sister, Elphin Chickadee and another Connemara filly, Wildwych Clio, in early 2003.

From l-r: Caraway Charlotte, Wildwych Clio and Elphin Chickadee, April 2003 at Castlewood Connemaras

Lottie (R) and her 2007 foal Castlewood Claire (Wildwych Eclipse), Sept 2011.

In 2010 Lottie and rider Grace Bridges competed at the United States Equestrian Federation Pony Finals National Championship. They placed 11th overall in the Medium Green Hunter Pony division. Huge congratulations go out to all involved in this effort! We're really proud of Lottie & Co!

Lottie in Kentucky at the 2010 USEF Pony Finals

Grace and Lottie in the Model Class - 11th place/ 64 competitors.

Hacking - 9th place/ 65 competitors.

Over fences - 19th place/ 70 competitors.

The following except is from the ACPS website news page in December 2009:
Caraway Charlotte (Maplehurst Micheal MacDaire X *Wensum Plum) and her young rider, Grace Bridges, attended their very first 'A' rated show Dec. 3-6th [2009]. They began the show with a clean sweep of the blues and the championship in the Eleven and Under Equitation Division. Then off to the USEF Pony Medal Class (an over fences class) where they took 3rd out of 24 other (VERY FANCY) ponies. The next division was the Medium Green Pony Division which was spread out over two days. Lottie and Grace took home a 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th over fences and a 4th on the flat. Owner Rai Pullen says, "I am so very proud of their 'A' debut!".

As well as competing successfully in the 2009 ACPS Region V show, Lottie continued her winning ways at A circuit hunter shows, and Lottie and rider Grace were also reserve championship in their division at the AAHJA (Athens Area Hunter/Jumper Association) 2009 year end banquet.

Lottie and Grace doing A circuit © Brahnam Photography

Lottie and Grace.

Heather was able to see Lottie in action at the 2009 ACPS Reg IV show. Below is Heather, Lottie and her young riders.

Costume class at the ACPS Reg V show

Lottie had a lovely dun/going grey foal, Castlewood Clare, in 2007, by Wildwych Eclipse. Claire has been purchsed by the Bridges family - Grace Bridges is Lottie's regular rider.

Lottie's filly, Castlewood Clare.

 Lottie, winter of 2001, with breeder Chris Carey.

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