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Applegate Macie

Macie is a 2002 dark bay mare out of Tamarack Hill Mae, a TB mare bred by renouned American eventer Denny Emerson and named after his wife! Mae and Macie are owned by Patti Sullivan of Vermont. Macie was an early foal, born Feb 20th and then came up to Canada a month later so her dam could be rebred to Mick. Macie was slightly shocked one morning when she came outside and discoved everything blanketed in snow by a late winter snowstorm! She managed just fine, despite her light coat!

Macie, 2 months old.

When Patti came to pick Mae & Macie up in May, she couldn't believe how much Macie had grown.

In 2003 we got this update from Patti:
"Macie is doing great. She is almost has tall as Mae. I never expected that. We have decided to keep her she really is a love also."

Best of luck to Macie in her future eventing career!

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