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Century Hill's Maidin Realta

(Maplehurst Michael MacDaire x *Eastlands Glendearg)

Realta is a 2004 filly bred and owned by Rick and Dale Doner of Century Hill Farm, Beaverton, Ontario.  The Doners were so pleased with her Rea that she was retained as a broodmare.

Rea at Century Hill Farm

Above: Rea's 2015 colt by *Kippure Cara, Century Hill's Hazy Carrick.
Below: Rea's 2016 filly by Cara, Century Hill's Hazy Emma.

Above: Rea's 2011 colt, Century Hills Gold Not Silver by *Kippure Cara in 2014.

Rea's name means 'morning star' in Gaelic and she has a lovely star! Rea is a dark bay turning gray.

Rea as as a yearling, Sept 2005 and Nov 2005.

Rea as a foal

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