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Small Change

Small Change is Mick's first foal born by AI, out of the 17hh TB mare Eyestiny (Eyes To Rule). He is owned by Stephanie Crombie & was bred by her family.

Some photos from October 2008:




Peanut's update - Jan 2008:

"I am happy to say that we still have Peanut, and that he is doing fantastically. He's almost 12 now, and I show him in the hunters. He made it to 14.3 hh, so I can legitimately show him as an adult. He's generally the smallest one in the ring, but certainly keeps up with all the bigger horses."

Stephanie competing with Peanut


Small Change's owner, Stephanie Crombie, wrote about him in 2000:


"Small Change's barn name is Peanut, as he was so tiny when he was born he could walk between his Mommy's front legs without touching her chest. He also caught E.coli within a day of being born, but lived through it, so we toyed with the name Lucky as well. Peanut stuck though. He's 14.1 1/2 hands at four years old. We're hoping that he stays at this height so we don't end up with a "hony" instead of a horse or pony...

Peanut's dam, Eyestiny

Peanut as a foal and his first time under saddle

"He's an amazing little horse to work with. His attitude is wonderful. He wants to please constantly and is such a quick learner. I can hop on him out in the field with a lead shank on one side of his halter and ride him all over, even if the other horses are running around like idiots. He's also so athletic. He floats when he moves and can jump the moon. As a weanling he hopped over a four foot door, and as a yearling, he came over a gate which was even taller. He's so neat to ride; it feels like you're on a 16 hand horse instead of a 14 hand pony. He does the same strides as my 15.3hh thoroughbred that has a huge stride... I love him! He's more of a pet too, than just a pony. He's tried to come in the house, he lets you sit on him and play with his ears and legs when he's lying down, he follows like a dog... He's just a great little horse."

Small Change

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