Other Mick Foals

Pure and Partbred Connemaras by Mick

For information about Mick's progeny out of client mares follow the links below:


~ Keigan (ex Grecian June, Canadian Sport Horse mare)

~ Irish Mickey (ex Sweetest Taboo, TB mare)


~ Mick Mac (Tremolo, grade Clydesdale mare)
~ HC Katie (ex HC Maui, CSH mare)
~ Maple Mill (ex Tremolo, grade Clydesdale mare)
~ Theid Mackenzie (ex Dancelotte, TB mare)
~ Small Change (ex Eyestiny, TB mare) AI foal


~ Colt (ex Colours, Welsh cross mare)
~ Daire Me (ex Holly Day, Welsh/QH mare)
~ Spark (ex Saddlebred mare)
~ Knight Moves (ex Snow, TB mare)
~ Max (ex Blondie, Welsh/QH mare)


~ Time For Truffles (ex Story Time "Madge", Welsh/Arab mare)
~ Gryphen (ex Ivy, Welsh cross mare)
~ Century Hills Celtic Stardancer (ex *Tatham Ballinanna, Conn mare)
~ Century Hills McTeague (ex *Eastlands Glendearg, Conn mare)
~ Caraway Charlotte (ex *Wensum Plum, Conn mare)
~ Sweet and Saucy (ex Story Time "Madge", Welsh/Arab mare)


~ Drogheda's Hand O' the Harp (ex Bein Mallin's High Hope, Conn mare) AI foal
~ Drogheda's Heather Queen (ex Bally's Fancy China, Conn mare) AI foal
~ Beutelgeuse (ex Cricket, Hackney/Welsh mare)
~ HC Pearl (ex HC Maui, CSH mare)
~ Applegate Macie (ex Tamarack Hill Mae, TB mare)
~ Knickknack (ex Story Time
"Madge", Welsh/Arab mare)
~ Sargent Pepper (ex Freckles, POA mare)
~ MacGregor (ex Princess Ann, Clydesdale mare)

~ Isle Daire U (ex Isle Wait, CSH mare)
~ Mason (ex Mae, TB mare)
~ Epona's Aidan (ex Avenn's Cayley Windsong, Conn mare)
~ She's All That (ex Elphin
Cassiopeia, QH mare)
~ Filly (ex Story Time, Welsh/Arab mare)
~ Aragon (ex Holly Day, Welsh/QH mare)
~ Glory (ex June, QH mare)
~ Tim (ex Suzy, Selle Franšais mare)
~ Century Hill's Maidin Realta (ex *Eastlands Glendearg, Conn mare)
~ Slainte (ex Wiley, TB mare)


~ Century Hill's Taylor Maide (ex *Eastlands Glendearg, Conn)
~ Crosswind's Layla (ex Loughin's Leighseach, Conn)
~ Crosswind's Annie (ex Avenns Arin Grey Dove, Conn)
~ Jesse James (ex Lily, POA)
~ Peter Piper (ex Babe, Welsh/Hackney mare)
~ Peanut (ex Gypsy, Welsh/Shetland mare)
~ Sir Gandalf (ex South Ridge Chloe, Conn mare)
~ Glenmary Mojito (ex Glenmary Amaretto, Conn mare)


~ Century Hill's Michael Quinn (ex *Tatham Ballinanna, Conn mare)
~ Celtic Tamara (ex Celtic O'Mira, Conn mare)
~ Timbit (ex Gypsy, Welsh/Shetland mare)
~ Shadey Hill's Donovan (ex Indian Summer's Bridie, Conn mare)



~ Caraway Dairing Romance (ex Romantic Fanfare [A Fine Romance TB x Flair Han])

~ Century Hills Siobhan (ex *Eastlands Glendearg, Conn)
~ Erin Hill's Callahan (ex Ultima Scarlett, BRP mare)
~ Warkwyn Brac Myrddin Wyllt (ex OYY Uptown Girl, Bashkir Curly mare)
Please send photos if you have a Mick baby.

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