Some past designs of handwoven clothing include: (There may still be some left in stock if you're interested and ask nicely!)

Wool Jackets
Available in several different types, these short jackets are perfect for spring and fall weather. Some styles have buttons, patch pockets or side pockets, while other have collars, cuffs and open fronts.

Materials include wool, mohair and brushed wool in plain weaves or twills.

Light Shawls




Made from mohair, cotton, synthetic feather and bouclé yarns mixed in lacy weaves, these shawls are light and soft making them pleasant to wear on a summer evening or for added warmth in the winter.





Above left: rayon chenille on a fine wool warp. Above right: synthetic feather yarn on cotton warp.

Möbius Shawl with Crochet

Möbius shawl in varigated colours with a crocheted join. (Note: Möbius wraps are still available!)

Left: done in silk yarn.




Wider than a scarf, this elegant garment can fill many wardrobe roles. Suited to evening wear or curling up on the couch, a stole is the perfect, versatile accessory.






This piece is made of wool and a mohair/acrylic mixture for a light and flowing fabric. With rounded corners and no fringe, it can be worn alone as a summer wrap or as an accent over a winter trench-type coat.


Silk and wool sweater in a float weave pattern

Available in many different weaves, textures and weights, Heather makes sweaters which are fun and attractive to wear. Wool sweaters are great for winter, while lighter cotton tops can fill out your spring and fall wardrobes. Long-sleeved sweaters have knitted cuffs and trim.


Plain cotton/heavily slubbed cotton top

Heather also has some new, fitted, short-sleeved summer tops in cotton and cotton bouclé available.

Wool and mohair

Winter Coats

Although no longer part of Heather's regular stock, some coats are still available in a variety of styles, including full and three-quarter length. Handwoven coats are warm and stylish even in the coldest winter weather.

Wool and silk, lined with satin

Wool and wool bouclé