Asymmetrical Jackets
With a one button front, this style of jacket is trendy, unique and fashionable. Available in a variety of weaves and fibres.

Right: Jacket made with cotton and bamboo yarn in a variation on a twill weave.

Left: Jacket made with wool and tencel in an undulating twill weave.

This is a cardigan with a long, draping, open front. The sleeves are inset with a crochet band for added detail. Made in cotton or similar lightweight fibres, it is an elegant, summery garment.

Cotton Jackets

Above: wrap jacket in cotton and bamboo with pin closure.

Made from a cotton warp and mercerized cotton, silk or bamboo fibre weft, these can be worn as a spring/fall outer jacket or as part of an indoor winter outfit. Open-fronted and versatile, the jackets are comfortable for casual wear or can easily be dressed up with a few accessories!

Below: straight front jackets in cotton.