Cocoon Wraps

A perennial favorite, cocoon wraps come in many colours and fibres including bamboo, mohair, wool and alpaca. Fitting loosely, this garment is great on chilly days when it can be worn over a thick sweater or light jacket. Cocoons can also be worn indoors in front of the TV or while curled with a good book and cup of tea.

Coccons can be worn open or wrapped and pinned in many ways. They can be casual or dressy for many occasions.

Left: cocoon in bamboo.

Left: wool and brushed wool.

Cocoon Vest

This variation of the cocoon is longer and narrower combining the features of a vest and wrap. Available in lightweight wool and also in cotton combinations.

Right: wool and alpaca in an undulating twill weave.


Summer Cocoons




Light and silky, these short cocoons are woven from mercerized cotton or silk and are a perfect accent to a spring, summer or fall outfit.




This wrap is soft and light enough for summer evenings. It is also excellent for variable spring and fall weather, travelling and brightening up any outfit.

Right: mohair bouclé on a fine wool warp.