Möbius Wraps


A Möbius strip or band is a surface with only one side and only one boundary component with the mathematical property of being non-orientable. It was discovered independently by the German mathematicians August Ferdinand Möbius and Johann Benedict Listing in 1858.

Translate all that into weaving and you have a lovely round shawl with no ends that can't slip off your shoulders on a windy day!

Left: Cotton and acrylic. Right: wool and alpaca.
Below left: Mobius sweater in wool and alpaca.
Below right: Mobius shawl in wool and mohair.



Above: collared button shawl in cotton and linen.

Far right top: button shawl in wool and mohair bouclé.

Centre right: wool in undulating twill.

Button Shawls

These shawls are generally made with cotton, linen and silk for summer or wool, alpaca and mohair for winter. Heather also hand-makes her own Fimo buttons or uses wood, horn, leather, shell or vintage buttons to accentuate this comfortable, flexible and warm shawl.

Right: cotton with linen, silk and acrylic in a broken twill weave.

Button shawls can also be worn as a wrap skirt over tights or yoga pants for a modern, layered look. Easily adjustable. Cool and casual in the summer, warm and wearable in the winter!

Pleated Wrap
New for 2014, this piece is made as a circle. The bottom of the circle is joined at the back with a series of pleats. Easy to put on and wear, with open sleeves and a cowl collar.
Above: Cotton and tensel.

  Shrug Shawl
Simple cotton shawl gathered into sleeves at the sides with a tie front for an easy fit.

Triangle Shawls
These shawls are made from chenille and bamboo, and as a result they are smooth and silky. They make a nice transitional garment for spring and fall, or cool summer evenings. Shawls are also great indoors in a cold room or for curling up on the couch.

Leno Shawls






Leno shawl is in a doup leno weaving technique with cotton warp and bamboo weft. Woven in a doup leno weaving technique with a cotton warp and bamboo weft, this lacy shawl is elegant, feminine and a beautiful lightweight accessory to add colour and interest to any outfit.