Heather makes a variety of blankets in wool, usually about 38" wide x 72" long. These are great for the couch or to decorate a bed.

Left: varied twill and multi-coloured stripes.


Woven in a heavy twill, these throws are great over a chair or couch. They are narrower than the blankets and made with custom spun wool from Heather's flock of white Romneys and Leicesters and coloured crossbred Black Welsh Mountain sheep. As well as natural cream and brown tones, throws come in cream with dark red, green and blue stripes, or vice versa. Patterns vary.

All throws comes with a hand knotted fringe and are warm and durable.
Left: traditional overshot weave pattern called Lee's Surrender.


Heather makes some wool floor rugs. These are heavy, warm and decorative.

Right: wool bound weave rugs in rosepath pattern, approximately 30" wide x 70" long.


Heather makes various sizes and types of table runners out of cotton, linen and wool with overshot accents. These can be used for centerpieces on dining tables, or as runners on end tables and chests.